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Monday, March 5, 2012

What follows is a short update page before we roll out the next phase of our campaign. If this is your first visit to, please take the time to read our previous posts, beginning with “Original Post” through the Fourth Post and our Press Release.

With the March school board meeting coming up (Tuesday, March 13th) it is time to start gathering friends and groups to attend. We expect a friendlier reception than last month’s meeting, as the board has since received some public relations advice. But don’t be fooled, you saw their hearts last month and their game plan is for us to tire and lose our passion.

SCHSTooBig has brought together a core group of supporters to form SCHSTooBig Common Sense Solutions Committee (CSSC) to help ensure the school district’s “task force” does not become just a means for the district to call for tax increases. CSSC will share and support common sense measures that will lessen the overcrowding at Scott County High School sooner rather than later. CSSC will only consider long term solutions when convinced measures are in place to begin relieving Scott County High School’s over crowding no later than the start of the 2012-13 school year.
Concurrent with the CSSC’s work, SCHSTooBig will continue to hold the school board accountable for its decision to ignore Scott County High School’s overcrowding by using precious bonding potential to build a new elementary school and then justifying the decision with suspect data. We will continue to expose that data and call for the reconvening of the Local Planning Committee (LPC) to hear a critical analysis of the suspect data they were provided. To that end, look for our new billboard to go up on March 12th at the same location along with a new post here at 

But all will be for naught without your participation. Please attend and encourage others to attend the March 13th school board meeting. Stay engaged at this web site and the facebook pages and let us know if you want to be more directly involved. SCHSTooBig has requested public comment be on the March 13th board agenda. SCHSTooBig continues to call for a letter of non-reprisal be issued for school district employees so they may exercise, without fear of reprisal, their First Amendment rights as regards this issue and continues to call for a construction moratorium at both the cafeteria expansion and new elementary sites until the LPC can be reconvened.

Stay tuned and stay engaged.