SCHS Too Big to Succeed
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Hi,and welcome to, a site dedicated to exposing the false data provided by the Scott County Board of Education in a signed letter to the community. That letter was published in defense of the Board’s curious decision to construct a new elementary school before providing relief to our grossly overcrowded Scott County High School. If you are here to see the letter, please click on the Sixth Post tab at the top of this page.

Below we provide you with yet another document that reveals the arrogance of this school board. On March 28th, the community group SCHSTooBig received credible information that all five members of the school board traveled together with the district’s superintendent last fall in a board owned van to visit a planetarium in Northern KY. Kentucky's Open Public Meetings Law requires that anytime a quorum (3 or more) of the board are going to come together, notice must be provided to our local newspaper and the public receive at least 24 hour notice in case the public
wishes to participate. Kentucky's OpenPublic Meetings Law can be found at We understand the board was, and may still be, considering incorporating a planetarium into its new elementary school, which at the time of the visit had yet to be approved. The board was met by the presumptive architect, the school district’s Director of Maintenance and the district’s Director of Facilities.
On March 29th, SCHSTooBig requested public comment on the April 10th School Board Meeting Agenda and received acknowledgement of our request on March 30th. On April 9th, one day before the school board meeting, SCHSTooBig received an email from the district superintendent’s office requesting “what you want to speak about at the April 10th meeting?” SCHSTooBig replied “Inquire if a quorum of board members traveled together to Northern KY to visit a planetarium possibly violating KY Open Meeting Law and if the purpose of the visit was to consider incorporating a planetarium into the construction of the new Eastside elementary school."

SCHSTooBig, even though on the agenda, was NOT allowed to comment at the next evening’s school board meeting and received this letter from the board's attorney on Thursday, April 12th. Notice the letter never addresses the notification of meeting requirement, but only attempts to convince that although the trip did occur, never once in their mulitiple hours together did they discuss anything.

Shameful! Also see this statement SCHSTooBig was prepared to read had the school board allowed us to speak.

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